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projects (solo and collective)

Breaklab < solo sound project >
Order/Orrrd // dual processes/rooms
Research and Waves curatorial art collective
Betonblume < cassette releases >
Anachronism < series for music and non-music >

exhibitions, releases and perfomances

< 2017 >
Proxy Hunt, Theater Bremen,
OH WOW, Museum Weserburg, Bremen,
Floating Points, Raum fuer drastische Maßnahmen, Berlin,
gb open, Gueterbahnhof, Bremen,
Research and Waves,Record Release, Museum Weserburg, Bremen,
Difficult Music for Difficult People, FSK Hamburg
Research and Waves, Record Release, Staedtische Galerie Bremen
Breaklab Live Performance, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg
Breaklab Live Performance, Belle Étage, Spedition, Bremen
ORRRD at COTH, Sorgenfrei 1, Bremen
Breaklab Live Performance, Kultur im Bunker, Bremen
Research an Waves, Zero Parts, GAK, Gesellschaft Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen

< 2016 >
Video for "Cluster Headache" by David Wallraf / released on betonblume
Breaklab - Reet Ep (12") released on ZCKR
ORDER Live Performance, Künstlerhaus am Deich Bremen
gb open, Bremen 
Research and Waves, Zero Parts,GAK Gesellschaft Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen 
TRACKING TRACKS Exhibition, Galerie fuer Gegenwartskunst, Bremen 
ORDER Live Performance  
Vapaan Taiteen Tila Helsinki, Finland
Heavy Listening, Galerie Herold, Bremen 
Man darf nie an die ganze Strasse auf einmal denken ,EX14 Dresden 
Explosive! Festival, Bremen 

< 2015 >
Lack of Transmission, 857 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto, Canada
Anachronism II, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg
I/O States, Gesellschaft Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen
Home away home, Mainz
Nüthen Temporary, Bremen
Lack of Transmission, North End Studio, Detroit, USA
I/O states, ORDER, Caché, Bremen

< 2014 >
Import / Export, CAEA Art Space, Chongqing, China
Raw Materials, Städtische Galerie, Delmenhorst
Tor47, w/ Sebastian Reuschel, Güterbahnhof, Bremen
8. Bremer Kunstfrühling, Gleishalle am Güterbahnhof, Bremen
Room off our, w/ Gustavo Méndez, Mainz
Room of four, w/ G. Méndez, Immigration Office, Bremen

< 2013 >
Kunst Hoch 44, Whitebox, München
Konstruktktionen, Galerie Dechanatstr., Bremen
Galerie Kristine Hamann, Wismar